“Paiwand’s like my best friend…”

Naveed, 16 years old

We stand alongside young people, who are facing growing up in extreme circumstances. We aim to strengthen young people through increasing friendships, fun and life skills, to help them become confident and engaged in their community.

Meet the Paiwand Youth Team

Kate Duffy, Youth Zone Manager

Kate joined Paiwand in 2012 as a drama volunteer, eventually becoming Youth Service manager in 2017. She oversees all of our services supporting young unaccompanied minors, and leads the employability project.



Rafi Mohammad Fazil, Paiwand Accommodation & Development Manager

Mohammad Fazil joined Paiwand in May 2014 as the Housing Project Manager, and works with unaccompanied minors and refugee youths to help their transition into adulthood and develop life skills.


Erica Roig, Support & Wellbeing Manager

Erica joined Paiwand in February 2017 and currently works as the Support and Wellbeing Manager for all the residents of Paiwand’s housing project. Erica has extensive experience working with vulnerable young people.


Rose Ziaei, Youth Project Manager

Rose is Paiwand’s Youth Project Manager, overseeing all Youth and Mentoring activities for young refugees, including unaccompanied minors. Rose has extensive experience in working with vulnerable youth and children in the UK and is passionate about community-led and creative solutions to unjust problems.