Patricia Ollivierre, Cluster Manager - Child’s Hill Primary School

Patricia joined Paiwand in 2017 and is the Cluster Manager for Child’s Hill Primary School in Crickelwood.

Ellin Joseph, Cluster Manager - Norbury Primary School

Ellin joined Paiwand in 2017 as the Cluster Manager for Norbury Primary Saturday School in Harrow.Before this, she worked for Local Authorities for nearly 23 years and her previous employment was with the London Borough of Enfield, as Service Manager for the Education Welfare Service, Children Missing Education and Trading Manager for Academies and Free Schools.

Yola Burgo, Cluster Manager - Edgware Primary School

Yola joined Paiwand in February 2017. She has over 15 years experience in developing, implementing and delivering community based education and training projects in addition to experience of management in the public sector.

Raziya Zarrien, Cluster Manager - Stag Lane School

Raziya joined Paiwand in 2009 as a deputy head teacher in one of Paiwand’s schools. She now oversees our Saturday School service at Stag Lane School in Edgware.

Emily Beckwith, Education Service Manager

Emily joined Paiwand in 2011, and now works as the Education Service Manager. Emily’s role is to oversee the delivery of classes at all 4 Saturday schools in Maths, English, Afghan Home Languages and adult learning.