Adult Support

Arriving in a new country, when you don’t speak the language, have limited knowledge of the system or culture, can be a daunting process. Many people have also experienced long or traumatic journies to get here and are in need of extra emotional support.

We have a range of services to help people to re-settle in the UK. We provide important information and advice on things like immigration, benefits, housing and debt; we help people to address their mental health needs; and we empower people to build on their skills and make new ones.

Meet the Adult Services Team

Dr. Ghulam Farooq, Mental Health Project Manager

Dr. Ghulam Farooq joined Paiwand in 2013 as Mental Health Advocate and began working as Paiwand’s Mental Health Advocacy Project Manager in April 2014. He has developed and delivers the mental health service, with the aim of improving the mental health of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have experienced trauma.

Ramzia Akbari, Counsellor

Mariam Baraky, Community Advocate

Mariam joined the Paiwand team in 2017 as a volunteer. She now works as a community adocate, advising people on issues such as housing, debt and welfare.