English Classes (ESOL)

ESOL Classes For Adults

Paiwand offers Free ESOL classes to help people study, find work and speak more confidently. The course helps people to learn to communicate through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

By studying with Paiwand, you'll gain a recognised qualification and can move through the levels as your skills improve.

You can join a Paiwand ESOL course if you're a resident or seeking asylum in the UK.

Find a course near you:

Childs Hill Primary School, Dersingham Rd, London, NW2 1SL
Saturday: Entry 1, 10-12pm
Saturday: Entry 2, 10-12pm.

Edgware Primary, Heming Rd, Edgware HA8 9AB
Saturday: Entry 1, 10-12pm
Saturday: Entry 2, 10-12pm

For more information, or to book on to a course, send an email here or contact our team on 0208 905 8770

Preparing For Employment

Working with young people aged 16-24 to get them ready for the world of work

For young people who are refugees, getting into work, let alone a career they are inspired and motivated by, is hard. They face enormous barriers and systemic challenges, and often their confidence has taken a big knock.

Our Future First employability programme aims to help young people aged17-24 in NW London to overcome these barriers and find long-term work opportunities that are right for them.

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Future Preparation

  • Employability workshops
  • Tours of businesses
  • Personalised careers guidance
  • 1:1 sessions with an experienced pathway adviser

Future Enhanced

  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Work experience
  • Continued 1:1 support and guidance

Future Unleashed

Focused support to ensure young people attain long-term employment or education


Alongside our direct support of young people, we work with businesses to educate them on the refugee community and the potential of investing in young people.


We are looking for organisations in all different sectors to become involved in Future First, and help young refugees to get into meaningful employment. There are a number of different partnership levels available, from simply hosting tours to offering work experience or apprenticeships. Contact Kateduffy@Paiwand.com for more information

Emotional Wellbeing

Culturally sensitive therapeutic support

Paiwand offers individual therapeutic services which respect, and work with, the cultural and linguistic needs of refugees and asylum seekers.

Importantly, we provide people with the opportunity to be heard and receive help in their own language, where possible, or in English. We provide talking therapies in Dari, Farsi, Pashtu and English.

Our purpose is to help refugees and asylum seekers to feel empowered to deal with their psychological difficulties by providing specialist counselling, psychotherapy and support.

Some people prefer not to see a therapist because of feelings of mistrust, guilt, shame or embarrassment about what has happened to them, but also due to the intensity of feelings when talking about their experiences. In response to this we have set up psycho-educational community activities which get the community together in a setting where they can learn a new skill, and access support.

Make a Referral

Paiwand’s Appointment Line: 0208 905 8770 (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm)

Paiwand’s Support Hubs:

To get free one-to-one support and advice, phone us to book an appointment at one of our clinics below.

Paiwand Afghan Association, 3rd Floor, Middlesex House, 130 College Road, Harrow HA1 1BQ

Greenfields Children Centre, Recreation Road, Southall, Ealing UB2 5PF

Edgware Primary School, Heming Road, Edgware HA8 9AB
Tuesday 12.30pm-4pm

Information & Advice

Call Paiwand’s Appointment Line: 0208 905 8770

We have been helping refugees, asylum seekers and migrants for 15 years. We are a charity, run by and for this community so we have first hand experience of the specialist support our friends need. Our trained and professional community advocates give people free advice on housing issues, welfare, debt and immigration.

For example:

  • Assisting with filling in forms, translations, phone calls as well as referrals to other specialist organisations and solicitors
  • Offering advice about, and help applying for, welfare benefits, loans and grants
  • Supporting people to find suitable housing and resolving problems with existing housing
  • Helping to resolve disputes with debt agencies
  • Providing immigration advice, including applications for travel documents and for indefinite housing and benefits
  • We also provide free workshops to people who would like to be empowered with the skills to overcome the above issues on their own, and support their friends and family too.

Paiwand offers information and advice in Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Arabic and English

Paiwand’s Support Hubs:

To get free one-to-one support and advice, phone us to book an appointment at one of our clinics below.

Greenfields Children Centre, Recreation Road, Southall, Ealing UB2 5PF

Whitefields School, Claremount Road, Barnet NW2 1TR

Paiwand Afghan Association, 3rd Floor, Middlesex House, 130 College Road, Harrow HA1 1BQ

Supported Accommodation

A place to call home for young refugees alone in the UK, with some extra help

Paiwand’s Supported Accommodation service helps unaccompanied minors and former unaccompanied minors aged 16-21 to gain the life skills required to transition into adulthood.

We have three Supported Accommodations across NW London, collectively housing up to 20 young men. Each resident is assigned a Paiwand key worker who works closely with their social worker and other professionals to support the young person’s progression through their pathway plan.

These houses become ‘home’ for our residents, not least because of the support and care they receive from Paiwand staff, and the friendships they make with other residents. Our residents have differences in nationality, language and religion, all of which are recognised and celebrated through our work.

We offer a range of support and workshops through a tailored care plan which focuses on four key development areas:

  • Developing independence and key life skills
  • Health and well-being
  • Education and future planning
  • Learning about British culture and systems

We also provide support to vulnerable asylum seeking residents going through a daunting immigration system.

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What Our Residents Say...

I love living here, my best friends arehere and my key workers understand me.”


"I’ve met people from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iran – and more places too! We have different food, different culture, different skin colour. We are friends"


"When I arrived in the UK I didn’t know if I should trust my key worker. I was nervous and confused but she was so friendly and made me feel brave. Now, when new boys come and live with us they ask ME for help"


Uniting A Community Through Mentoring

Young refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants have often experienced trauma, war, separation from home and relatives, and often arrive in this country unaccompanied after travelling through several other countries over many months.


These experiences make them more vulnerable to academic underachievement, social exclusion, gang and criminal activities, radicalisation, mental health and emotional struggles.


Our team of committed volunteer mentors act as positive role-models for young refugees living in NW London. Our strategy is focused on working with local volunteers to empower young people to define and make positive steps to reach their own goals. We currently have three streams of mentoring support:

  • Schools: mentors meet in school settings and provide academic mentoring
  • Community: mentors focus on integration, wellbeing and adjusting to UK life
  • Employability: mentors provide practical careers guidance and motivation

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Become a mentor and make a big difference to the life of a young refugee or asylum seeker. Contact Rose.Ziaei@Paiwand.com

Youth Groups & Trips

Being a young refugee or asylum seeker in London can be an isolating experience. At Paiwand, we have a host of activities designed to bring young people together.

Our regular programmes offer young people an opportunity to build new friendships, improve confidence, learn new skills and increase aspirations. We do this through weekly groups and one-off trips, including:

  • Weekly Girls Groups
  • Weekly Boys Groups
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Mixed sport (running, yoga, circuit training)
  • Young leadership training
  • Life skills workshops (sexual health, nutrition, budgeting, mental wellbeing, drugs)
  • Residential trips
  • Theatre trips
  • One-off trips (climbing, bowling, museums, cinema, aquarium, Brighton and more!)

We aim to lower the risk of social isolation for young people, and support them to become engaged and happy individuals.

If you are a school, college or youth organisation who would like to arrange a workshop for your group please contact Kate.Duffy@Paiwand.com. We also have trainings available for staff (including mentors, social work students, educators).

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Saturday Schools

Saturday Schools

Happier Communities

Paiwand’s Saturday Schools are designed to inspire a love of learning in underachieving children, empower parents to gain new skills and foster happier communities.

Professional Excellence

500 children a year who are behind in their mainstream school, blossom in our smaller, nurturing Saturday School environment. Maths and English lessons are delivered by qualified teachers, as well as enrichment activities and mother tongue classes.

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School Partnerships

We deliver our inspiring education programme in partnership with a network of 15 schools across Northwest London. The engagement of our partner schools enables us to react swiftly and effectively to the needs of children and develop systems that work in the Saturday Schools.

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Saturday School Hubs

Saturday Schools Team

Emily Beckwith, Education Service Manager

Emily joined Paiwand in 2011, and now works as the Education Service Manager. Emily’s role is to oversee the delivery of classes at all 4 Saturday schools in Maths, English, Afghan Home Languages and adult learning.


Raziya Zarrien, Cluster Manager – Stag Lane School

Raziya joined Paiwand in 2009 as a deputy head teacher in one of Paiwand’s schools. She now oversees our Saturday School service at Stag Lane School in Edgware.


Yola Burgo, Cluster Manager – Edgware Primary School

Yola joined Paiwand in February 2017. She has over 15 years experience in developing, implementing and delivering community based education and training projects in addition to experience of management in the public sector.


Ellin Joseph, Cluster Manager – Norbury Primary School

Ellin joined Paiwand in 2017 as the Cluster Manager for Norbury Primary Saturday School in Harrow.Before this, she worked for Local Authorities for nearly 23 years and her previous employment was with the London Borough of Enfield, as Service Manager for the Education Welfare Service, Children Missing Education and Trading Manager for Academies and Free Schools.


Patricia Ollivierre, Cluster Manager – Child’s Hill Primary School

Patricia joined Paiwand in 2017 and is the Cluster Manager for Child’s Hill Primary School in Crickelwood.